10 Times Wrestling Heels Were Secretly The Babyface

Were this evil lot...the good guys?

Cm Punk The Rock

Watching a genuinely irredeemable piece of work get their ass kicked in the middle of a wrestling ring or obliterated on the mic is pretty wonderful sight.

However, every now and then, an intriguing wrasslin' villain comes along and forces you to ask yourself one very simple, but quite fascinating question: "Is this heel actually the bad guy here?"

Now sure, they may lash out a little from time to time and target some of your favourites in their quest to get exactly what they want. But when you really think about, the following baddies had some pretty understandable reasons for shockingly battering legends, taking out former pals, or running down the majority of the towns they performed in front of.

Hell, in some cases, the supposed heels involved were unjustifiably bullied and humiliated so often, it got to the point where fans had no choice but to feel sympathy for the helpless supposed antagonist.

The following heels weren't just the heroes of their own stories, my friends. This evil lot were all secretly the real babyfaces during their fights against everyone from 'The Immortal One' to 'The People's Champion'.

10. Kevin Owens Is Bullied By Your Hero, Braun Strowman

Cm Punk The Rock

All Kevin Owens wanted to do was strike a deal with the 'Monster in the Bank' known as Braun Strowman, one that would see KO help the big lad successfully cash-in his world title contract in exchange for a match for the Universal Championship.

And how did the apparent hero of this story respond to Owens' offer? By subsequently making his life hell, destroying the former champ's car, launching him off the stage in a portable loo, and even dropping him off the side of a cage in the lead-up to SummerSlam 2018.

If all of the weeks of straight-up bullying and abuse sent poor Kevin's way before his eventual showdown with the monstrous babyface a-hole wasn't bad enough, Owens would then be brutally humiliated once again in a Barclays Center squash.

Strowman had made it pretty clear that he wasn't interested in a partnership with the red show heel after flipping his adversary's car seven days after his initial invitation.

So, the needless bulldozing and embarrassing of Owens on TV in the weeks that followed only succeeded in making fans secretly sympathise with the back-stabbing villain more and wonder what the hell this monster's problem was.

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