10 Times WWE Actually Worked With Other Companies

Finding tiny cracks in tinier windows when EVERY door is forbidden.

Christian TNA

Vince McMahon doesn't hate you.

How can he? He's never met you. Unless he has. If he has, and you didn't make him money - or, christ, even if you did at one point or another, Christian blue dot Cage - he possibly does. But if you're none of those things he doesn't hate you, nor me, nor us the wrestling fan collective. It might feel that way for three hours on a Monday or several Sundays a year or a month into a pandemic when you want to know your favourite wrestlers are going to be financially secure, but he doesn't hate you.

He merely hates the idea of you. And the idea that you might be able to function and thrive without him. Enjoy health, wealth and happiness without his say so. Perhaps even enjoy more of those than he does. He's the competitive sort that wouldn't care for that sort of thing at all.

In his mind, more is always more, most is even better, all is the best and he has to have the most or all all often as possible. He's been chasing a wrestling monopoly since the early-1980s, trying to turn millions into billions for just as long, and working with people rather than against them doesn't exactly grease the wheels of capitalism, pal!

Apart from those times when...

10. Vince McMahon & John Cena Make A Town...

...Massachusetts, to be exact, all as a remarkably fun favour from The Chairman and John Cena to 'The Champ's Father John Cena Sr, who served as an announcer and manager on this May 2007 Chaotic Wrestling show.

The charity event was for the benefit of various local causes including the Newbury Police Association, and promoted Cena as the special guest referee for the main event CW Championship match between Brian Milonas and Rick Fuller. Like many to don the stripes in headline attractions, the typically-indestructible Cena hit the deck.

As visible in the gloriously-captured fancam footage, then-WWE Champion took a title belt to the face from Milonas, knocking him out long enough to miss him tapping out to a Fuller submission.

The chaos continues when (an unadvertised) McMahon arrives to the gleeful shock and awe of the locals. Raising Milonas' arm, McMahon revels in the mayhem before slapping a revived Cena twice. This earns both him and Milonas Attitude Adjustments as the match is thrown out, but the audience are predictably beyond caring.

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