10 Times WWE Failed At Forced Emotion

10. Sasha Bank's Retirement Voice


WWE has an ugly way of re-contextualising genuinely upsetting moments into their dubious dramatic canon.

When Owen Hart tragically fell to his death at Over The Edge 1999, the genuinely grief-stricken announce team of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler could barely bring themselves to talk above an audible register. They were crushed, struggling bravely to capture the gravity of the situation.

In what has become known as 'The Owen Hart Voice', their successors to this day still adopt a tasteless approximation of their tone whenever an intra-storyline injury occurs, in order to convey its apparent its seriousness.

A new trend seems to have emerged in the wake of Edge and Daniel Bryan's farewell missives - the 'Retirement Voice'. Sasha Banks was trotted out on the September 5, 2016 RAW to deliver some "bad news" following the back injury she incurred at SummerSlam '16. After listing her achievements and expressing her gratitude for their role in the burgeoning women's revolution, she looked to be getting to the point.

Cynicism was in the air moments after she grabbed the mic. Unlike Edge and Bryan, who were understandably and legitimately shaken, Banks was wooden - and perhaps understandably uncomfortable - having been tasked to almost callously manipulate the emotions of fans.

Consequently, the angle fell flat. Fans, attuned to WWE past form, knew something was up. And it was. Sasha was OK, folks!

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