10 Times WWE Got Its Ass Kicked

Sagging ratings, financial catastrophes, and controversies aplenty.


Away from the squared circle, WWE is a world famously filled with ludicrous highs and terrible lows. Take here in 2020, for example. TV ratings are going from all-time low to all-time low, yet WWE is on track to bring in a staggering $1 billion revenue for the year – largely due to mammoth FOX and Saudi Arabia deals the company has penned in recent times.

Despite the successes achieved over the decades, WWE has likewise been beaten down at so many turns throughout those years. Sometimes justified, sometimes not justified. Sometimes due to their own behaviour, sometimes due to matters out of their hands.

These beatings have come in the shape of ratings battles, financial hits, or in some extremely serious accusations and controversies. And it’s only right to emphasise that, while some of the entries featured here are of the more light-hearted variety, some of the other topics covered are of a far more serious nature.

Rightly or wrongly throughout these black eyes on the company, Vince McMahon and WWE have continued to power forward in their usual stubborn, pig-headed way as they drive their own personal narrative - even though some of these issues and moments in time would’ve derailed so many other organisations.

With that in mind then...


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