10 Times WWE Hit Themselves Where It Hurts

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and WWE has had more than it's share of failures.


WWE has been a juggernaut of entertainment for decades. In that time, they have created some legitimately incredible stars, matches, and moments. With their almost unlimited piggybank and a massive roster of wrestlers, bookers, writers, and support staff, it was inevitable that they occasionally create magic.

But not always.

Sometimes, despite the deep pockets and huge staff, things that should have been slam-dunks go by the wayside. It's frustrating as hell, because often the fans can see the way things should have gone, and enthusiastically show this through who gets cheered or booed or how Twitter blows up every time WWE makes a clusterf*ck out of what should have been a sure thing.

One can only speculate how things could have gone, and how much money was left on the table, in these situations, had only the people who actually make the decisions behind the scenes pulled the trigger on what should have been triumphs.

Considering how things like house show attendance and network subs have dropped in the last few years, not to mention the impact new competition in AEW and other promotions has brought, you'd think someone would have been steering the ship more carefully...


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