10 Times WWE Totally TROLLED The Universe

WWE gets a real kick out of trolling you and all of your friends. SURPRISE!

Dominik Mysterio NXT

WWE are expert-level trolls.

That isn't necessarily always the worst thing though. Sure, there are moments on this list that'll make your toes curl all over again, and they're definitely worth verbally smacking around in retrospect, but sometimes the trolling is pure fun too. For example, a recent NXT title change was rather entertaining...even if few actually wanted it ahead of time.

Often, it's the hope that kills you - WWE's writers tease and tease and tease something awesome, then pull the plug at the last possible second before DM'ing you a .GIF of some obnoxious git saying "LOL" like it's 2005. Or, at least, that's definitely what it feels like when creative reveals their true intentions.

So, ready to enter a world of posturing "babyfaces", retirement fake-outs, ridiculous title moments, non-wrestlers gobbling up valuable air time on massive pay-per-views and more? You better be, because this is such an odd mix of sheer fun and horrors that'd make Halloween blush.

Apologies in advance for bringing back some grim memories from yesteryear, but you'll have a laugh along the way. No, really. If you don't laugh, you'll cry!

10. “Razor” & “Diesel” Are Back!

Dominik Mysterio NXT

Jim Ross must've felt like crying when Vince McMahon told him his grumpy heel character would be used to facilitate "comebacks" for two of the WWF's most famous characters in late-1996. Note the wording there - JR wasn't bringing back the originals, but cosplay knockoffs who'd be playing Razor Ramon and Diesel respectively.

Yeah, this was never gonna end well.

The federation hyped that Razor and Diesel were set to return for weeks before Rick Bognar and Glenn "That's Gotta Be Kane" Jacobs marched out pretending to be Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. It was a pathetic swerve, one brutally defended by Bruce Prichard via his podcast decades later.

McMahon trolled his own audience here, then made them change the channel to watch the real deal be infinitely cooler as the nWo on WCW TV. There may never be a worse attempt to replicate success in pro wrestling than this.

It'd be like some indy worker coming out on Raw next week as Seth Rollins.


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