10 Times WWE Went Too Far With Brock Lesnar

For when The Beast was unleashed a little too far...


Brock Lesnar beginning 2020 as WWE Champion marks the fifth (and third consecutive) time he's kicked off a year as the company's top titleholder, which is rather fantastic going for a man that's spent less than two as an actual full-time member of the roster since his explosive 2002 debut.

Logic dictates that he's a popular choice for stewarding things in January because he's a brilliant heel to topple at WrestleMania, but he has a pretty decent record there too considering his position as the company's top monster. These are just further examples of the Brock Lesnar paradox - he's always the man that bucks the trends and disproves the rules despite caring about neither as long as he's getting paid.

He's long stopped being much of a ratings or ticket-selling draw according to all the usual metrics, but carries himself in such a way that Vince McMahon treats him like one. More power to him and Paul Heyman for cultivating that, but things haven't half gone off the rails a bit ever since.

Not that he didn't always have that side in him...


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