10 Times WWE's PG Era Went Too Far

9. Red Uce Diaries

Paige Natalya

As 2019 folded into 2020, and ratings continued to plummet, and WWE delivered a cast-iron promise to listen to the audience, they were, in fact, as good as their word, "We are the Authority" memes aside.

The early quest to determine what fans actually wanted led them to r/SquaredCircle, hence the bizarre pre-WrestleMania cluster debuts of Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, Ricochet and Aleister Black, the users of which tend to conflate with Jim Londos. WWE also scanned the darkest recesses of the YouTube comments section to gauge the pulse.

Here's a game, if you fancy indulging in some gallows humour to find grim, amusing solace in the absolute state of a general population you are now entrusting with your life:

Log on to YouTube. Pick two 'Divas' from yesteryear. Click a video not listed on WWE's official channel - i.e. with an unmoderated comments section - and try not to nervous-laugh.

Your writer searched 'Ivory' and 'Jacqueline'. The comments section wasn't deep, but it sure as sh*t was shallow. One user was fairly respectful. "Jacqueline was so damn and fit. True athlete," they wrote. Another got rather too excited.

"JACKIES BANGERS," they felt they need to type.

All of which is to say that quite a few WWE fans are both horny and inexplicable, and so in early 2019, WWE ran a segment, one Mandy Rose simply forgot that Naomi could watch, in which she beckoned Jimmy Uso to her motel room. She hated his his wife, Naomi, you see.

She wore black lingerie in an attempt to seduce him - and pop a YouTube thumbnail rating - but Jimmy schemed with his missus to foil Mandy's.

Mandy then beat the sh*t out an intruding Naomi because this company couldn't book a babyface if they were reading an infant a bedtime story.

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