10 Totally Ridiculous WCW Contracts You Won’t Believe

P*ssing money up against the wall.

Hollywood Hogan

Despite 83 consecutive weeks spent spanking the WWF in the ratings war, millions of dollars in revenue from hot gimmicks like the nWo rolling into company tills and a wealth of top stars, WCW went to the wall in 2001. The remnants of a once-proud promotion were then picked clean by Vince McMahon.

Pretty much everyone blamed Vince Russo.

Why? Well, some of Russo's booking between late-1999 until WCW's demise was truly horrible. Popular books like the RD Reynolds and Bryan Alvarez collaboration, "The Death Of WCW" have pinned blame on Russo's shoulders. They also claimed that Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and others were responsible for plundering the money well until it was bone dry and making stupid decisions aplenty.

Sure, Hulk's incredible demands did put a strain on things during WCW's peak, but he was one of wrestling's biggest stars and had helped turn things around years earlier. Besides, there were much more alarming figures on the organisation's pay roll that Messrs Reynolds and Alvarez should have been questioning.

Prepare to be amazed by some of the numbers on WCW's talent contract database...

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