10 Transitional Wrestling Moves That Should Be Finishers

Which "regular" moves would make the best match-enders?


In the world of sports-entertainment today, there are far too few of them and not enough good ones. Every superstar will claim to have one, but really they just have the wrong definition.

I'm talking about finishing moves. 

The finishing move has become a lost art in the land of WWE today. Sure, there are signature moves and holds that have come to be synonymous with certain characters, but none of them have a very high success rate in ending matches. 

A true finisher is a move that, when applied or executed, ends the match, hence the name "finisher". 

Some of the best finishers over the years have been The Tombstone, The Stunner, The Sharpshooter, and others, but lately even some of these moves have been relegated to transition manuevers. 

Especially with the increased rate of injuries, plenty of moves are done in matches today that should signal for the bell but don't. They look great, they sound great yet the match continues only to see a much uglier looking, less-impactful move score the victory. 

It's backwards; some transitional moves should be finishers and some "finishers" should be transitional moves.

So what are some of these moves that should be reserved for only the finishes? Let's take a look...


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