10 Troubling Things AEW Won't Change

9. Constantly Signing New Talent

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Too much of anything is exhausting, that which used to be special can feel normalised, and it really does feel like Tony Khan is being force-fed donuts in hell without losing his appetite.

Only, he's lapping up free agent signing after free agent signing after free agent signing. Of course, he isn't signing every schlub released from WWE, like the former #2 promotion did once upon a time. He's still however signing too many acts and inviting yet more through the Forbidden Door. He's in an unenviable position here.

Why wouldn't you sign a performer as gifted and as well-liked as Keith Lee, who is hardly the only super talented act WWE has let go since 2020?

One key problem is that Khan's aggressive recruitment strategy collides, brutally, with a core booking philosophy. Khan doesn't like to beat name, featured wrestlers. This in itself is a smart long-term principle, but now that there are so many featured wrestlers, the star versus obvious loser model can get tiring and redundant.

Moreover, a star only feels like a star when they are booked and profiled as such. "Leave them wanting more" is a vital show-business maxim that Khan has failed to grasp.

If anything, he spoils his audience more with each passing week.

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