10 Underrated Wrestling Partnerships

8. Michael Cole & Tazz

michael cole tazz

You weren't expecting these guys, were you?

Commentators are people too, and that's why Michael Cole and Tazz find their way onto this list. There's another reason: the pair overcame initial ungainliness to forge a partnership that pinned down SmackDown for years. In the post-2002 Draft era, Cole and Tazz provided a fresh slant on the tried-and-tested JR and King combo over on Raw.

Under the guidance of Paul Heyman (who stated during a 2016 live Q&A tour that both worked remarkably hard in-studio to improve themselves), Cole and Tazz started to develop chemistry even they probably weren't expecting. Their combination of Cole's enthusiasm and the ex-ECW Champ's goofy antics just worked.

Seriously, go back and watch their work from that period following the brand split. The way both put over Brock Lesnar as WWE's premier acts as an example to any commentary team that focus should always, always be on talent.


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