10 Unexpected WWE Moments Caught On Camera

That ramp really elevated Shawn Michaels...

Montreal Screwjob

Nobody expected Vince McMahon to screw Bret Hart out of the WWF Title or Bret to spit in his boss's face when they ordered the 1997 Survivor Series on pay-per-view.

The drama surrounding that night's main event would become known as the "Montreal Screwjob", and it remains one of wrestling's hot topics more than 20 years later. It was also one of the most unexpected moments WWE's camera crew have ever captured, and whilst not everything is on that level of controversy it's not the only one.

A blend of famous shocks, very real fights WWE couldn't have possibly known about before they started filming, legendary botches in high-profile spots, potentially tragic on-air moments and unfortunate mishaps that weren't foreseen before they happened are all here.

Think of WWE's history of unexpected moments as a pick 'n' mix. Just like in any good assortment of sugary goodness, there's something for everybody. You'll laugh when revisiting some, feel a pang in your heart over others and old memories will come flooding back about those moments you totally forgot.


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