10 Unlikeliest WWE WrestleMania Main-Eventers

9. Sgt. Slaughter


In the '80s, Sgt. Slaughter was one of the biggest stars in the AWA and WWE. With his ability to work as face and heel, and his likeness being a recurring character on the GI Joe animated series, Slaughter created a great legacy for himself that should be honored.

However, most modern WWE fans likely associate him with his early '90s run when, inexplicably, Sarge was turned heel and, to coincide with current events, turned into an Iraqi sympathizer who renounced his ties to America.

That in itself would be strange enough, but seemingly convinced of the hotness of the war in Iraq, Vinny Mac decided to capitalize by booking Slaughter to beat the Ultimate Warrior for the title at Royal Rumble 1991. He was then programmed with Hulk Hogan, with the two headlining WrestleMania VII.

Keep in mind, 'Mania VII was originally planned to be held in the massive LA Memorial Coliseum. With the advertised main event being Hogan and Slaughter, the pre-sale for the show ended up being a trickle. As such, WWE cut their losses and moved the show to the much smaller Sports Arena, citing "bomb threats" due to anger over Sgt. Slaughter.

Of course, it wasn't anger from fans that caused the move. It was indifference.

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