10 Unlikely Superstars That Deserve A Place In WWE Hall Of Fame

Surely these underrated stars should be in the discussion at least?


The Rock. Triple H. The Undertaker. Kane. Big Show. We know a headline spot at the annual Hall of Fame awaits all these superstars. We're also aware that the HOF usually throws up an inductee from out of left-field, even before the celebrity wing names are released.

Inductee selection is completely subjective, so who's to say The Bushwhackers, Hillbilly Jim and Koko B. Ware don't deserve their spot? Everyone is someone's favorite, after all.

As Survivor Series approaches, plans for WrestleMania 36 are definitely in the works. Names for the HOF will probably be a lock. Each year the same people come up for debate; memorable '80s mid-carders, under-appreciated female stars and ECW headliners. Those tend to go in sooner or later.

How about the performers that never made it right to the top? The ones that made you smile, gave you a memorable moment, or had a crucial off-screen role? Don't they deserve our consideration? This list pays homage to the underrated performers of a bygone era.

Before you disregard them for the HOF, Koko B. Ware says 'hi'.


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