10 Unnecessary AEW Details You Need To Know

Kenny Omega is the Best Bout Machine - but is he really?

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With the Land of All Elite still just four-years old, it's frightening just how much this fresh alternative has thoroughly changed up the business.

This buffet of wrestling delights has routinely challenged the increasingly stale norm that had been present on the other side, throwing out regular five-star masterpieces in-between the ropes, all while unleashing a ton of unquestionably compelling, detailed storylines along the way.

And while this is most definitely a company that rewards its fans for paying close attention, there are still certain pieces of behind-the-scenes information or on-screen details that have somehow been overlooked by even the most dedicated of All Elite supporter.

Now you'd hardly class any of the following interesting facts and figures as vital to your enjoyment of the AEW product currently found putting actual smiles on faces on Wednesdays, Fridays, and the occasional Saturday/Sunday.

But, should you want to arm yourself with some truly Elite knowledge to drop on a pal who has only just hopped onto this AEW ride or simply get a kick out of learning something new about your favourite company then does your writer have a list for you...

10. It Took Over Two Years For AEW's First-Ever TV DQ Win To Happen

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What makes AEW feel so distinct and rewarding to take in on a weekly basis is the fact that the cheap and lazy DQ finishes often found leaving a sour taste in WWE fans' mouths have largely been nowhere to be seen on the likes of Dynamite and Rampage.

It actually took a staggering 2-years+ for AEW to record their first-ever disqualification victory, in fact, with said moment going down when MJF faced off against Shawn Dean back on January 5, 2022's Dynamite. With CM Punk hitting the GTS on Dean after The Salt of the Earth fled the squared-circle, Maxwell ultimately lost the bout and his 100% win record in 2022 thanks to The Best in the World-induced DQ.

There had actually been another DQ fall a little earlier in AEW's existence, mind, with PAC smashing Kenny Omega in the head with a chair during their 2019 Iron Man war. That didn't end the contest, though. But it did give The Cleaner the first fall of the match.

And cheap finishes are still relatively rare in Tony Khan's world today, with 2023 only seeing 3 DQ/no contest/double DQ endings at time of writing, according to @winsDANlosses.

So, let's keep it that way, TK!


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