10 Ups & 12 Downs For WWE In 2020 (So Far)

Drew McIntyre has shone, but let's calm down with the Charlotte Flair push...

Drew McIntyre Charlotte Flair

This column will focus only on matters relating directly to WWE's televised product rather than what goes on behind the scenes. 2020 has been a horrendous year in that regard. From needlessly firing dozens of workers during a global health crisis despite forecasting record profits and spitting in said workers' faces with the vulturous Drake Maverick storyline, to the prehistoric handling of said health crisis and ongoing Saudi Arabian dealings, the past six months have been rotten. When awards season hits, the Wrestling Observer's Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic field may be a WWE whitewash.

Situations outwith the promotion's control will be avoided too. It is unfair to drag WWE over hot coals for things they had no say in, though their responses to these issues are fair game.

It's almost impossible to touch on everything Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard, and co. have produced this year, as they churn out a minimum of nine hours of new in-ring content every week. Notable omissions are a certainty - though most major bases have been covered. This has been an eventful half-year, even through the Empty Arena Era, and there's surely more to come.

Let's dive into it...

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