10 Ups & 4 Downs From IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021

Moose ruins Josh Alexander's night, Trey Miguel and Mickie James ascend, KISS Demon returns.

Moose IMPACT World Champion
IMPACT Wrestling

Bound For Glory 2021 was a divisive night for IMPACT Wrestling.

While a quick glance at the title of this article would indicate another successful pay-per-view for the company, that wasn't exactly the case. Though a majority of the night did hit the right note, its two biggest attractions - the World and Knockouts Title contests - both ended on the wrong note.

They've spent literally the entire year building Josh Alexander up as this generational talent, capable of having show-stealing bouts against any opponent placed in front of him, but they favoured putting the strap on Moose after just minutes of Josh as World Champion. It was a distasteful, WWE-esque booking step, even more so considering Josh's wife and son remained in the ring during the impromptu contest.

The Knockouts Title suffered a similar fate. A solid match, but Mickie James was the wrong choice to dethrone Deonna Purrazzo after such a legendary run as champion.

Again, though, a large portion of the card was a huge success. IMPACT has noticeably improved their production standards, with the audio sounding crisp throughout and the backstage cameras remaining focused on the talent during interviews, rather than needless in and out zooms.

They'll have to do well over the next two nights of television tapings to rectify their mistakes here. Let's get to it...


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