10 Ups & 6 Downs For WWE In 2023 (So Far)

2023 has already been some year for WWE. Time to grade the good and bad!

What will you remember most from the first half of WWE's 2023? Stadium show splendour? The sheer brilliance of Roman Reigns' star-making Bloodline faction? Missed opportunities with one Bray Wyatt? Vince McMahon's 'I'll get you, Spider-Man' moustache?

There's been a lot to take in.

It's easy to see when taking a quick glance at the counts for 'Ups' and 'Downs' that WWE's year has been generally excellent, especially in-ring. Tune into Raw, SmackDown or PLEs (more so the latter) and you're bound to see some top class wrestling - that's been matched by some of the storytelling.

Not everything has been all fun and games though. The (ahem) annual Draft has chomped a chunk out of fan faith yet again, and multiple titles have been let down by so-so handling. Then, there are top stars like Bray and Bianca Belair. What the hell happened there?!

This is the perfect time to take a snapshot look at WWE's 2023 thus far. Fresh faces, Triple H's commitment to preserving cherished gimmicks, top performers, absolute stinkers, belts that need to go away and everything in between.

Let's get stuck in.

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