10 Venues That Should Host A Future WrestleMania

Stadiums and Domes deserving of being home to "The Grandest Stage Of Them All".

Year in and year out, wrestling fans love to do it. It becomes one of their most argued and talked about points. Whenever word breaks of what city and venue will be the next host for WrestleMania, people absolutely love to give their two cents on what city and venue should be the host after that. Some fans want WrestleMania in their state or country. It's an easy choice. You don't have to spend a whole bunch of money to travel somewhere far away, opening up other avenues for you to spend that money instead. Other fans want WrestleMania in some sort of historic venue that has sentimental value to them or to the company itself. Others want Mania to be held in the biggest, most extravagant venue possible, just for the show and spectacle that it would be. The venues on this list are all special in their own way. They either have the capacity, relevance, beauty or the spectacle that WWE requires for their WrestleMania host sites, and in many cases, they have all of the above. The discussion of travel ease, weather, capacity and time zones will be had and every item on the list is a legitimate candidate moving forward.

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