10 Ways CM Punk Changed WWE FOREVER

Do I have everybody's attention now?


CM Punk is a divisive figure among wrestling fans. Those who love the straight-edge superstar will laud him for his in-ring work and his top-notch promo abilities, while those who hate him typically cite that he is a "quitter" and that he doesn't seem like the nicest individual to be around, by multiple accounts.

Still, this has not stopped fans from chanting his name at events. One would think that after enough time had passed since his untimely departure from the company that the chants would eventually end, but here we are, six years later and still hearing that all-familiar chant of "CM Punk! CM Punk! CM Punk!" from the stands.

Well, not currently, since there are no fans allowed at wrestling shows at the moment, but you know.

Whether you love Punk or you hate him, he left behind an undeniable legacy. He was a part of so many incredible matches and segments in WWE that one could argue that his self-designated moniker of "Best in the World" was not far from the truth. His body of work has not only inspired countless wrestlers over the years, but many booking decisions, as well.

And even today, his influence on the overall WWE product remains evident.

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