10 Ways CM Punk Will Just Make WWE BETTER

How CM Punk will continue to help WWE thrive into 2024 and beyond.sdf

CM Punk Ricky Starks

Hell has frozen over and CM Punk has joined the likes of Bret Hart, Bruno Sammartino, and the Ultimate Warrior in shockingly returning to the WWE fold.

Never say never is a phrase often bandied about in the wrestling business, but it really did feel as if Punker was the exception to that particular rule. Then again, such was the case with Bret, Bruno, and Warrior for the longest time; again reiterating that, yes, never say never.

As is sadly commonplace these days, sections of online fandom of course dumped on this immediately, gleefully proclaiming how the Second City Saint will cause all kinds of headaches for WWE, its officials, and its talent. For others, it wasn't so much glee but more genuine concern that Punk will disrupt the thriving, harmonious locker room of a WWE that's excelling in numerous areas.

While history has shown fans might be right to step cautiously and with trepidation over CM Punk's WW return, there are also countless reasons why the wrestling world should be excited about the Chicagoan's second run with the company.

CM Punk may bring baggage with him, but he likewise brings so many positives that can help to make the wider WWE better - and here are ten such ways that he can help benefit the market leader.

10. The CM Punk Learning Tree

CM Punk Ricky Starks

The CM Punk of today is vastly different to the CM Punk of, say, 2011. Back then, the Chicagoan was desperate to be viewed as a top guy, to be a World Champion, and to fight off all comers to keep hold of that spot at the top of the mountain.

Modern-day Punker is someone who reportedly tried to talk Tony Khan out of making him the AEW World Champion, believing that he didn't need that prize and that it would better serve a younger talent. That same Punk is one who seemed intent on giving back to the business, working with the stars of tomorrow, and shaping the industry for years to come.

Case in point, CM Punk's first match in AEW had him handpick Darby Allin as his opponent. Now sure, Punk was the victor in that, but rubbing shoulders and going toe-to-toe with a legend like the Straight-Edge Superstar is always going to do wonders for someone like Darby. Elsewhere, names like Powerhouse Hobbs, Daniel Garcia, Lee Moriarty, Max Caster, John Silver, Hook, and Ricky Starks also got to work with CM Punk in some form or fashion.

This isn't a CM Punk who only works with main event talent; this is a CM Punk who is eager to pass his vast experience down to the next generation. Right now, rising grapplers such as Austin Theory, Grayson Waller, the Creeds, Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and Lexis King should be salivating at the prospect of getting to at some point sit under the learning tree of the Second City Saint.

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