10 Ways DDT Did WWE Better Than WWE At WrestleMania 35 Weekend

DDT Is Coming To America was a Sports Entertainment masterclass.


Tired, hungry, and bleary-eyed, your writer walked into Queens, New York's La Boom nightclub (accompanied by WhatCulture's Adam Nicholas and Ben-Roy Turner) for cult Japanese promotion DDT's first ever United States show, Coming To America, three nights before WrestleMania 35, fresh off an 8-hour transatlantic flight, a 90-minute JFK immigration line, and a horrendous taxi ride through NYC traffic.

What followed was a show as charming as it was captivating. DDT Is Coming To America was an action-packed tonic that blew away the fatigue, had enraptured throughout, and, most importantly, brought an authentic DDT experience to US soil.

All that aside, this show was a much-needed reminder that a Sports Entertainment style presentation need not be as rote as much of WWE's mainline product is these days. That's not to say it was better than every WWE show, but Coming To America smashed most main roster pay-per-views and Monday Night Raw episodes by delivering not only DDT's trademark comedy, but great variety, an awesome atmosphere, and a world-class Daisuke Sasaki vs. Konosuke Takeshita main event.

Any WWE fan frustrated with the company's tropes and formulae owes it to themselves to give DDT a try. Hit NEXT to find out why...


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