10 Ways Paul Heyman Has Changed WWE Raw

Recent red brand action has had Heyman's fingerprints all over it.


27 June 2019 was a day of shock for wrestling fans.

After decades of Vince McMahon refusing to hand over any major semblance of WWE creative control, the left-field news broke that McMahon had hired Paul Heyman as Raw Executive Director and Eric Bischoff as SmackDown Executive Director. Vince would still have the final say over any and all decisions, yet Heyman and Bischoff were to be afforded a level of authority and freedom rarely ever seen within WWE.

Things may not have worked out for Eric Bischoff - who would have a cup of coffee in his respective role - but former ECW head Heyman is still serving as Raw Executive Director to this day. And more importantly, Raw has actually been, dare we say it, 'good' in recent months.

For the longest time, Raw was always a slog of a show to get through. While the past few years had been kind to SmackDown audiences, Raw audiences were put through a drab and dreary three-hour broadcast that had become painful to watch - hence why the drastic call was made to elevate Heyman into a position of power.

Reflecting on Paul Heyman's time in charge of the red brand, then, here are ten ways in which Heyman has changed WWE Raw.


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