10 Ways The Chris Benoit Double-Murder/Suicide Case Changed WWE Forever

9. Content Management

Vince Mcmahon Chris Benoit Raw June
WWE Network

When WWE first launched their own Network in 2014, all eyes turned to the work of Chris Benoit to see exactly how the company would present the extensive back catalogue of his work.

Since the 2007 tragedy, the company had worked diligently to carefully remove images and likenesses of Benoit from archive footage DVDs, documentaries or any company-mandated products. It was a safe and smart move to curb any potential cries of glorifying a killer, especially in a pre-determined sport that would featuring him pretending to be as violent as possible.

Subsequently, Benoit can be found all over the WWE Network, but it's impossible to overtly see him. In an effort to neutralise complaints, the company includes a disclaimer on any shows featuring 'The Crippler' as well as those that cross lines of sex, violence or adult content that do not conform to the company's current PG branding.

With Benoit specifically, the blockades are nuanced. He works twice at Bad Blood 2004 for example, but the Network only advertises the presence of his singles opponent Kane, and another main event match on the card. Similarly, chapter markers mention the match, but never Benoit by name, nor do they feature his image in the thumbnail preview.


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