10 Ways Wrestlers' Bodies Changed Forever Because Of Wrestling

9. Diamond Dallas Page's Face

Kofi Kingston

While Diamond Dallas Page perhaps didn't have the WWE run he would have wanted after his fairytale rise to the top of WCW's kayfabe pyramid in the '90s, his commitment to his post-creepy stalker life coach bit can't be denied.

DDP's debut run saw him effectively buried while feuding with The Undertaker. Arriving as 'The Deadman's' wife's stalker, he claimed that his crimes committed against the 'Taker household were only done so that he could get a piece of the legend in the ring, though the story reached its end when Sara herself beat Page on an August episode of Raw.

The shark well and truly jumped, DDP needed something new. He disappeared until October, eventually returning with a new motivational speaker gimmick that brought a new catchphrase ("That's not a bad thing... that's... a good thing"), over-the-top positivity, and a big, cheesy grin. To ensure he looked the part, Page had his face lifted and teeth whitened to such an extent that they should have come with a UV ray warning, bless him, and it worked. The new DDP looked every bit the snake oil salesman he was now playing on TV.


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