10 Ways WWE Is Completely Unrecognisable From Just One Year Ago

Hindsight Is 2020...but not all of it looks better.


Don Henley reckoned anything could change in a New York Minute, such is the ever-flowing effervescence of the city and its ability to look and feel like the centre of the entire universe. To visit it is to understand why Vince McMahon was so married to it during promotion of WrestleMania 35 despite the event returning to Metlife Stadium one state along in New Jersey.

When the venue last hosted the 'Show Of Shows', McMahon had his people hoy a Statue Of Liberty atop the ring and craft arguably the best set in the history of the event. This time around, the layout wasn't quite as elaborate but the thematic approach was precisely the same. A Trump Plaza double-header, this absolutely wasn't - this was New York, New York pal.

A similar sized ground played host to SummerSlam in 1992 as WWE sold out Wembley Stadium for the "SummerSlam you thought you'd never see!", but this year's 'Grandaddy Of 'Em All' couldn't be further away from that presentation. To be held in the empty Performance Center, it'll be the "WrestleMania you can't see", so much so that the company have had no choice but to flog self-referential t-shirts advertising the fact.

This of course, was a reality entirely beyond even McMahon powerful grip, but not every massive change can be blamed on global events...

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