10 Ways WWE Was Made Worse By Being Lazy

Creative theft.


Things are changing. Slowly. Since Paul Heyman assumed (a degree of) control on Monday Night RAW, the programme has improved exponentially...

...from a 3 to a 6.

The strange patten of ritual, nonsensical, counterproductive bullsh*t appears to have lifted. Cedric Alexander is gradually getting over with the audience by entering spirited, fiery babyface performances and not pretending getting the piss beaten out of him was a masterplan. The Two out of Three Falls era is over, as is the relentlessly ugly campaign to bury the Revival and push Shane McMahon. There's a sense that the company is genuinely focused on harnessing the potential of its midcard.

Ricochet is a constant fixture on RAW. Cedric is being positioned as a breakthrough act. The King Of The Ring tournament feels less like a half-hearted vehicle with which to push a heel WWE is high on but not truly convinced by, and more like a real project premised on showcasing several acts and creating a sense of meaning and stakes around the product.

Heyman has thus far produced in his role as Executive Director - but he's still operating within the flawed WWE system.

Systemic change is required...


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