10 Ways WWE Will Respect Sting In 2015

All hail The Icon.

Sting is one of the most iconic figures in professional wrestling history. The former NWA and WCW champion came up through the final days of the territories, when the industry was turning more toward show business than the illusion of a true competitive sport. Sting was a perfect fit during that time as he bridged the gap from one era to the next. The man in face paint may have built his legacy outside of WWE but it's what he's done since arriving in Vince McMahon's company that has made serious headlines. Sting directly affected the end of the Survivor Series main event when he interfered in the match, giving John Cena's team the win. Since then, fans have been speculating on just what Sting will do next and how the company will handle him in the immediate future. Despite what theories may exist among the WWE faithful, the truth is there's cause for optimism. The reason for that lies in the fact that so far, WWE has treated Sting with respect. Sting's road in WWE has just begun and anything can happen along the way. The key to keeping his legacy alive and allowing it to grow is indeed respecting him and that will surely continue in 2015. No other pro wrestling company is as good at marketing its talent and promoting their appearances as WWE and that will certainly be the case as the legendary Sting becomes more active in the company.

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