10 Weirdest Abandoned WWE Moments

WWE is what happens when Vince McMahon is making other plans.

Mojo Rawley

It is impossible, under the endless weekly episodic model, to craft perfectly logical pro wrestling storylines with robust continuity all of the time. There is no time to stand outside of the picture and assess it because wrestling is always happening.

Wrestlers get over when a promoter might not expect them to get over, enforcing a change in plans. Wrestlers don't get over when a promoter pushes them. Wrestlers get injured. Bookers simply forget things.

And it's not just WWE, to be fair in the correct use of a bastardised figure of speech.

AEW, despite its broadly excellent product that you are encouraged to believe matters - how could you not pop for the 18-month recall of the Juventud Guerrera reveal, even if the match itself was ropey? - has some bad form in this regard. The promotion teased a PAC/Lance Archer programme earlier this year. It went nowhere. Eddie Kingston at one point seemed destined to challenge Kenny Omega for the World Title. The match never happened.

But WWE takes the absolute piss with your memory and investment, and that is because Vince McMahon is an erratic fellow with pure contempt for your intelligence.

10. Kevin Owens: Loveable Slob

Mojo Rawley

Christ, no wonder he's f*cking off to AEW.

His second (at a minimum) strange, abandoned storyline in a career defined by drift, Kevin Owens in early 2019 provided his fans with updates about his upcoming return, which was strange, since he was a heel when he was written off. No longer: he filmed a vignette in the bowling alley, where he spent time with his family, threw a gutter ball and told an unseen friend to "shut up". He was a self-deprecating fella with a modest disposition now. He also tried out pineapple on pizza, but he didn't like it, because what's the deal with pineapple on pizza?!

This was an attempt to present Owens as a humble schlub everyman who just said what was on your mind and did the things that you did - not like that pious leftist snob c*nt, Daniel Bryan, right guys?

What a self-righteous woke prick, with his highfalutin commie talk. Somebody oughta shut that pale f*cker all the way up, and who better than Kevin Owens? This is a man who doesn't eat pineapple on his pizza. He eats fuggin' meat.

This version of Owens never made it to TV, because Kofi Kingston emerged as Bryan's organic rival ahead of WrestleMania 35.

Captain Murica Owens didn't make it to the MetLife, which is just as well. It wasn't remotely convincing, since...

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