10 Weirdest Moments In CM Punk's WWE Career

He did WHAT with Paul Bearer's ashes?!

During his iconic WWE tenure, CM Punk was loud, rebellious, and able to shake company foundations on more than one occasion. He led stables and operated on both sides of the face/heel spectrum. Anyone who has so much as scratched the surface of pro-wrestling will have seen the clips and heard the slogans. 'Legendary' puts it lightly.

Yet, as with any wrestler, dig a little deeper and you'll find the stranger, less amicable moments. These may have occurred for a number of reasons, be it a break in kayfabe, a scripted segment which didn't quite fit, or even that the athlete in question put a little too much zest into his performance.

Whatever the occasion, Punk gave it his all. Even at the end, when he was burned out and ready to collapse, he performed with such exuberance that any segment tinted with weird was still one for the archives in its own way.

Henceforth, these perturbed gems of the Punk timeline mostly have their own charm, or more accurately at points perverse fascination, even if a disturbed undercurrent sits never far too away...

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