10 Weirdest Wrestling Debuts Ever

Imagine covering up Rick Rude's body. Imagine.


On Monday's RAW, WWE sort of...half-debuted?...a new raft of Superstars from NXT.

We write half-debuted, because they did not really debut; instead, we were told that they will appear across both RAW and SmackDown before being permanently picked up from the pound. The McMahons now control both shows, so there's no bidding war, no tense negotiations to be held. Besides which, they didn't really do anything to impress, nor much at all. They were just...sort of there? It was all very weird.

EC3, Lacey Evans and Nikki Cross enjoyed mixed fortunes. Now, EC3 occupies the top 1% of the wrestling world. A muscle monster equipped with much charisma, some sort of beat-down and supplementary verbal segment was surely the way to introduce us to an act that by definition is special, but no: instead, before even wrestling a match, one of the best talkers on the roster, boasting one of the best physiques, was framed in picture and picture - downsized! - and did not say a word.

Nor did Lacey Evans, who was spotted backstage holding court with Dana Brooke and Mickie James. Nikki Cross at least received the customary treatment, by wrestling and winning - which is the way to actually debut a wrestler we are told is primed for the big time.

Heavy Machinery's first flagship appearance was the strangest of the lot...


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