10 Wildest Wrestling Lawsuits Ever

Some of wrestling's wildest storylines have taken place in court.

Hulk Hogan vs Vince Russo

Wrestling is a crazy business, we all know that, but it's not just between the ropes where the mad stuff goes on.

Behind closed doors, the rasslin' biz is just as full of twists and turns as the stuff we see on screen. People double cross each other all the time, turning face and heel within the space of a week. Instead of ladder matches or a Hell in a Cell bout, these real-life feuds are settled in the most terrifying stipulation of all time - the Lawsuit on a Pole match!

There is a long and sordid history between pro wrestling and the justice system. From Vince McMahon being taken to trial by the Federal government to Randy Orton's tattoos getting 2K Games in trouble, we've seen all sorts of wackiness go down in the legal arena.

But what are some of the maddest? Some of the most unhinged, unreasonable, unbelievable wrestling lawsuits to ever be filed?

We've found ten of them, some of which are companies suing wrestlers, some of which are fans suing companies, and some of which, well, those are the ones so crazy you'll just have to wait for them to come up.

10. A Broken Battle

Hulk Hogan vs Vince Russo
Impact Wrestling

Just when it looked like TNA (now Impact! Wrestling) was about to die for the 452nd time, along came Matt Hardy and his Broken Universe to save the day.

After a rocky start, the older Hardy brother won over legions of fans with his off-the-wall antics, compelling cast of side characters, and weird British accent.

Wait, was it British? Was it any nationality at all? Who cares, it was great.

The tale took another twist when it was announced that both Matt and Jeff had left TNA after failing to renew their contracts. This led to plenty of questions surrounding the brothers and what was to become of their marvellous creation.

TNA's new owners Anthem claimed that they owned the rights to the gimmicks, despite the Hardys having full creative control over the characters and even filming some of their own segments.

The battle dragged on for years, eventually being settled a year after the Hardys left the company. This meant that the brothers were legally unable to bring their most innovative ideas to WWE, settling instead into a Team Extreme nostalgia run.

Safe to say that this outcome was less than "WONDERFULLLLLLLL."


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