10 Wildest Wrestling Urban Legends

That's gotta be, that's gotta be - GREEN Kane?!

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Wrestlers lie.

They lie for a living.

They also spend inordinate periods of time on the road, and much of that time is spent bullsh*tting one another to pass it. Everything gets embellished; how long the match went, how many pills were popped, how many women were seduced. Wrestling is a fantasy land populated by carnies with idle hands.

Wrestling fans enjoy being worked. They, too, live in a fantasy world. They are willingly susceptible to its lies.

They want to believe that the wrestlers really hate each other, and aren't crafting their fabricated rivalry in their DMs. These people genuinely delude themselves into thinking that the 76 year-old Vince McMahon has a plan that they should sit around and let "play out", when he's already forgotten what happened on RAW last week. There's no masterplan for Finn Bálor's Demon alter-ego. Vince just doesn't like beating anybody. He's nice like that, when he isn't firing people weeks into a pandemic to ensure record profits.

Of course the urban legend is particularly prevalent in this corner of the world...

Disclaimer: the following list entries, as the title of the article suggests, are more likely than not pure hokum.

10. Randy Savage Punched Hulk Hogan Before WrestleMania IX

Kane DX4

Hulk Hogan had a massive shiner at WrestleMania IX.

The official story is that Hogan, presumably when on beach patrol, had an accident with a jet ski.

The "rumour and innuendo" is that Randy Savage, furious that his estranged wife Elizabeth had ran off to Hogan's house to stay with her friend Linda, punched Hogan's lights out when he found out.

If this were true, Savage would have brought it up on 'Be A Man'; after all, the "records rap album" phase of a white man's fading career surely correlates with their "stops giving even half a f*ck" phase. When issuing the challenge to Hogan, Savage would have bragged that the score was already 1-0, no?

Let's examine some excerpted lyrics for evidence:

"Hollywood Hulkster, you're at the end of your rope / And I'm a kick ya in the butt and wash your mouth out with soap."

This suggests that Savage never did get hid hands on Hogan, much as he'd like to have - or maybe he was angling for a worked match, and bragging over the shoot punch might have dissuaded Hogan from taking the bait.

But, since Savage didn't spit "You already got popped by the Macho Man / I smeared your stupid face like your daughter's tan," perhaps this is just an urban legend after all.

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