10 Women Who Could Be WWE's Sister Abigail

If Bray's inspiration must have a physical presence, who could it be?

sister abigail

Ever since Bray Wyatt jumped to the main roster of World Wrestling Entertainment in late 2013, one of the biggest things to follow him around has been the shadowy mythical presence of Sister Abigail. Bray has referred to her (or it) on a number of occasions, calling back to her teaching and influence in his promos as well as naming his finishing move after her.

We know very little about Sister Abigail up to this point. Putting together vague pieces from FCW, NXT and WWE promos leads us to believe that she (or it) took a keen interest in Bray from a young age, teaching him about the ills of the world and that it was up to him to take what he wanted when he wanted it. We don't know if Sister Abigail was good, bad, evil, pure or anything. We don't even know if she was real.

There is a school of thought that believes that the identity of Sister Abigail should absolutely never, ever be revealed. I myself would agree with this to a point, although this comes from fatigue when it comes to WWE and their ability to craft psychological horror story, or lack thereof. Maybe she sould remain mythical, unseen, imaginary.

sister abigail

But Bray continues to hint at her arrival and this week Eric Rowan tweeted the above image that seemed to suggest we could be about to see Sister Abigail enter his feud with Luke Harper. If she simply must be uncovered, who out there should be revealed as Sister Abigail?

Here are 10 options...

10. Paige

Paige Bray Wyatt Wrestling Alleigances

For whatever reason, many folk on the internet frequently put Paige into the discussion when talking about the Wyatt Family and Sister Abigail. The entire rationale for this seems to extend no further than 'she looks a bit alternative', which last time I checked isn't the strongest argument one can put together.

This is without taking into account the fact that for a couple of years now the WWE Universe has been aware of Paige, and that re-packaging her as Sister Abigail whilst taking into account her presence on the roster alongside Bray would take some major work by WWE creative, work I dare say they aren't capable of.

Even so, never say never in pro wrestling. Bray Wyatt has dealt with questions regarding Husky Harris by stating that he 'needed a vessel'. Sister Abigail as a spirt, a supernatural force that requires a human vessel may very well be more rewarding than any other outcome here. Revealing Paige as the vessel Abigail has chosen gives WWE the option of using an already established physical performer in the role.


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