10 Worst Cruiserweight Champions Ever

10. Jerry Lynn

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pC9_v98mOoQ In what was a running theme for the division, Jerry Lynn became one of three men to win the WWE Light-Heavyweight Championship on his debut with the company. Just like those other two men his run as Champion was an absolute failure. Lynn won the Championship on the April 29, 2001 episode of Sunday Night Heat. By this point the ECW alumni had been wrestling across the globe for over a decade and as a result had earned a glowing reputation. His early bouts against the Lighting Kid (X Pac) were among the most highly regarding independent matches of their era. After making his way to ECW his battles with Rob Van Dam would become stuff of legend with the hard-core faithful. Upon his arrival to the WWE many expected Lynn€™s talents to help revive what was a dead WWE Light-Heavyweight scene. Instead it took less than two months for WWE to inexplicably give up on Lynn; he dropped the title in June to Jeff Hardy after only making a handful of defences along the way. The writing was on the wall for Lynn. After losing the title he would never make an appearance on either of the WWE€™s flagship shows Raw or Smackdown and was then unceremoniously released from the company just eleven months after his debut.
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