10 Worst Injuries Suffered In WWE Ladder Matches

10. Shelton Benjamin

tumblrtumblrDuring his time in the WWE, Shelton Benjamin was a constant figure when it came to ladder matches. He was arguably the most successful and exciting performer in the early Money in the Bank matches. This was not limited to television; what many fans do not know is that many ladder matches throughout history have taken place at house shows and were never filmed. In December 2006, Jeff Hardy was scheduled to defend his Intercontinental championship in ladder matches on three consecutive house shows against Benjamin, Johnny Nitro, and Carlito. The first match took place in Albany, New York. After that match, Shelton was unable to compete the following nights in Rochester, NY and East Rutherford, NJ due to injuries he sustained in the first of the three matches. The subsequent matches were changed to triple threat matches between Hardy, Nitro, and Carlito.

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