10 Worst Moments In Hulk Hogan's Career

Hulkamania hasn't always run wild for Hulk Hogan, on occasion life body-slammed him through a table.

Terry ''Hulk Hogan'' Bollea is one of the few wrestlers that genuinely transcended the business that made him famous. Show his face to any non-wrestling fan and they will be able to tell you that that's the Hulkster. And if you were a fan of wrestling during the 80s and 90s, and Hulk Hogan's entrance music started, you couldn't help but feel that the main event was starting. Hulk Hogan wasn't just one of the biggest players in the industry, he was the industry. During his peak, he was a wrestler and movie star. He had endorsements coming out of his ears which meant you could put Hogan's face virtually any product and it would sell like hot cakes. Maintaining that success meant that Hulk Hogan had to be a shrewd businessman. And he was. But even the most smart businessmen make bad decisions and Hogan made more than his fair share. Sometimes it was situations beyond his control and sometimes it was situations of his own making, either way they creating bumps in the road that threatened to derail a career that so far has spanned nearly 40 years. So click "Next" below to explore the 10 worst moments in Hulk Hogan's career.
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