10 Worst Moments Of WWE's ECW Revival

10. Braden Walker

One of the ECW revival's biggest failures was the lack of bonafide new stars to come up through its ranks; only CM Punk, Swagger and Morrison spring to mind when considering those who had true memorable runs towards the top of the WWE. Perhaps the most memorable promising incomer to bomb in ECW was Braden Walker, AKA Chris Harris of TNA fame. Once part of one of the most beloved tag teams in TNA history - America's Most Wanted - Walker was built up prior to his debut with countless intimidating vignettes. Unfortunately, he wrestled a mere two matches on the ECW brand, defeating both Armando Estrada (Umaga's manager) and little-known jobber James Curtis. His extremely short tenure is now the subject of ridicule due to the overblown build-up he was given, as well as this awful exchange of dialogue: Walker: "Knock knock." Armando: "Who's there?" Walker: "Braden Walker. And I'm gonna knock your brains out."
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