10 Worst Sacrifices In WWE

Real WWE is no Creed song - Hulk Hogan drops legs, but Vince McMahon drops entire characters.

Hulk Hogan Yokozuna

That's yer Fiend finished. Again.

If he's still even yours, that is. If Bray Wyatt's tweets or his fans' lengthy reddit reaches have somehow kept you on the hook over the last 8 years despite near-constant attempts to either undermine or flat-out humiliate, WrestleMania 37 worked harder than ever to remove the it from your cheek.

If it didn't, well then to be completely frank you're a dead fish deserving of its fate.

The "jack-in-the-box-like-structure" call from Michael Cole was pathetically naff to a uniquely perfect degree. The company that won't allow commentators to identify an object as the object don't stand a chance of being able to logically express what this unapologetically dumb gimmick is really all about.

If Wyatt's thought process really is as profound as many of his colleagues have suggested over the years, then the it's been sacrificed to the insanity of Vince McMahon, Bruce Prichard and whoever else has ever had anything to do with his multifarious disasters over a near-decade of decay.

It's Just What Happens In WWE, even to those that aren't pitched as incel murder clowns. And not even just the warped era that booked a guy that returned from death to stay down from an RKO...

10. Zack Ryder's Push

Hulk Hogan Yokozuna

A turning point in the minds of fans that still believed in the WWE brass ring principle and presumably in the minds of many wrestlers themselves, Zack Ryder's gift-wrapped money printer being tossed aside to toss him off a stage in a wheelchair was quite the act of bizarre malice.

Unwilling to stagnate and with a creative and switched-on mind, Ryder had spent much of 2010 and 2011 getting himself over to an audience of fans WWE didn't have the nouse to even explore.

His self-made YouTube show reimagined his gimmick, rebadged a ton of his previously-irritating catchphrases and reinvigorated interest his act from those in the audience that were far more switched on than WWE themselves.

It's presumably why they saw to it that the whole thing be sacrificed to John Cena and Kane.

Internally viewed as the people's project rather than their own, WWE seemed to build him only with the expressed purpose of breaking him. The wheelchair flashpoint remains the definitive takeaway, but just examining that scene finds a man literally and figuratively beaten down by a company that chose spite over piles and piles of cash. Or - based on how much merch he briefly shifted - both.

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