10 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Wrestling Creatively

Worst things to happen? More like best things!

To paraphrase Angel 'Swiss' Garza, WWE is a lot like the Simpsons.

It was great in the '90s, and it has mostly sucked sh*t ever since, failing to embiggen a fanbase that, unmoved by its at-best cromulent fare has largely moved on. Viewership has tanked. Crying wasn't going to bring those whimpering dogs back, so WWE hatched a scheme; they ate can after can of dog food, until their tears smelled like dog food, by booking a storyline between King Corbin and Roman Reigns that lasted for about a good quarter of a year. The scheme worked.

But in another, more accurate way, it did not.

Vince McMahon couldn't locate a rebigulator - a concept so ridiculous that the Wellness Policy chortled at it - so he has seemed in recent years to reluctantly push and then pull back on the smaller millennials he evidently resents.

They used to be with it, then NJPW and AEW changed what "it" was, accelerating a sweeping change in the discourse and fan-driven revenue decline.

How did we arrive at an era that was eerily silent months and months before fans weren't allowed in the buildings?

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