10 Worst Trends In WWE Right Now

Do they not even realise how much it is hurting the product?

If WWE€™s wealth was tied directly to how much they follow pre-established patterns and repeat the same ideas, Vince McMahon would be wealthier than Bill Gates. Of course, that connection doesn€™t truly exist, but that doesn€™t stop WWE from doing the exact same things over and over again. The key to any company€™s success is innovation and the willingness to adopt new ideas in order to move with the changing times. While doing the same thing over again can work for a while, every successful company must also put as much effort into planning for the future if they want to survive, if not indeed thrive. WWE does this a lot less than they really ought to, preferring to let existing trends continue instead of changing tact and trying something new. The ten worst trends in WWE right now are those that reflect how the company structures its broadcasts, how it creates and manages storylines, how and why certain superstars get ahead, and much more. These philosophies are followed so rigidly by WWE€™s decision-makers that they prevent anything new and exciting from happening on their shows...


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