10 Worst Ways WWE Butchers The English Language

WWE-speak exists in its own strange universe and often needs translating to regular English.


WWE, despite how it sometimes looks, is a well-oiled machine. Next to nothing happens without a script, and the list of wrestlers who are allowed to just go out and wing it are few and far between.

However, in recent years this machine has been tightened up even more, especially with the prevalence of social media and online sources that are watching every step WWE makes. WWE has an ongoing list of banned terms and words that neither "talent" (or ''WWE Superstars'' to Vince McMahon) nor announcers can say, for fear of alienating or confusing "fans" (the ''WWE Universe'') trying to figure out what's going on "backstage" (''in the locker room area'')

See how annoying that is? Now imagine having to do it every week for two-to-four-to-six hours as an announcer, Vince screaming in your ear all the while.

It's very possible the man is out of his mind, especially since some of these supposedly banned terms occasionally are used by the very hottest acts to move merchandise or really amp up an event. The only certain thing in the WWE is that Vince may or may not change his mind, maybe, depending on how he feels when he gets to the arena. It's a wonder most of the WWE staffers aren't on permanent stress leave.

Let's take a look at ten of the worst examples of how WWE complicates perfectly simple English...


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