10 Worst Wrestlers In WWE Main Events

Sometimes you just can't turn trash into treasure.

Triple H Great Khali

There have been 422 WWE pay-per-views and Network exclusives to date, ranging from WrestleMania and The Wrestling Classic in 1985, to the NXT TakeOver and one-off specials we're treated to every year.

That means 422 main events, which is, well... a lot!

Historically a main event is reserved for the star attraction, the headline act of the show. Think of your Hogans, Austins and Cenas.

To main event a PPV is a sign of a wrestler's drawing power, ability in the ring and a generally favourable view from management as a desirable face of the company.

It's almost a point of status to be trusted to go on last. Which is why so many of the industry's biggest stars and greatest legends have been given the reigns (no pun intended) time and time again.

However, like most things in life, there are outliers.

In over 34 years of main events, you can't exactly get it right 422 times, and in among all the big names and memorable moments sit a trickling of outliers.

Wrestlers who, almost by accident, ended up in a main event despite all the evidence to the contrary that they should not at all be there.

Maybe they had a good look. Maybe they knew someone backstage. Regardless, they were going on last despite, basically, just not being very good.


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