10 Worst Wrestling Masks

Randy Orton's new wrestling mask in WWE inspires our worst wrestling masks in history list.

Randy Orton Mask

What are some of the best masks in wrestling history? Mankind's twisted leather mess that seemed to hold parts of Mick Foley's head together would surely be up there, so would Kane's emotionless cracker, and the dazzling hoods worn by the likes of Rey Mysterio, Jushin Thunder Liger and Pénta El Zero M must be in the mix too.

Then, there are these abominations.

They are, without doubt, the worst masks that pro wrestlers have ever pulled over their heads. Originally, the bandit-style one Repo Man used to wear was on here, but it was topped by something that made the wearer look like he'd pulled a pair of knickers over his head before dashing through the curtain - it might not be the one you're expecting to see either.

That's here too though, and so are other disguises poorer than the average eight-year old kid's latest art project. When wrestling gets the humble mask wrong, they get it really wrong. It's almost like nobody thought these through.

Or, maybe they did, and that's even more worrying to fans who were asked to gaze upon these masked monstrosities...

10. Randy Orton

Randy Orton Mask

There's a reason why Randy Orton is low on this list.

His mask probably won't be a permanent part of his character, and it's supposed to be more like burn-covering bandages anyway. Couldn't WWE have made it a little more bandage-y though? The one Orton wore on this past Monday's Raw looked more like a cheap Destroyer knock-off.

It also appeared that Randy had taken some tan tights, cut holes in them for his eyes, nose and mouth, then hauled it over his head five minutes before filming his (admittedly ominous and well-produced) promo. As he spoke about charred flesh and blistering burns, however, it was hard to take one's eyes off his crappy Halloween mask.

This is WWE - they've got ludicrous riches, and fans could be forgiven for expecting better from the company in 2021. Maybe Randy will get a kick ass hood that's patterned and more elaborate in the future. Hopefully, because he's hardly rocking the stockings right now.

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