10 Worst Wrestling Names Ever

9. Meat


On the surface, Shawn Stasiak is one man who had it all. Not only did the guy possess a great physique and clean cut look that appealed to the then-WWF of 1999, but he was also the son of a former Heavyweight Champion in the company, Stan 'The Man' Stasiak.

Unfortunately, that's where the upside ended, and the creative team decided to effectively cut Stasiak off at the knees by lumbering him with an awful gimmick and a name to match. Known simply as 'Meat' (or 'MeAt', judging by television graphics at the time), the guy was accompanied to ringside by the likes of Terri Runnels, Ryan Shamrock and Jacqueline, collectively known as 'PMS'.

During the latter months of 1999, Meat would start losing matches with alarming regularity, something announcers covered for by insinuating that he was physically tired from his 'relations' backstage with the Divas around ringside. Obviously, this didn't get over, and Stasiak was let go in late-1999, primarily because he had been caught recording real-life conversations backstage. It's virtually impossible to make this kind of thing up!


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