10 Worst WWE Feuds Of 2019

The Bottom 1%...


Honourable mentions aren't as vast as you might think, because WWE doesn't commit to a f*cking thing anymore.

On the few occasions when the company have managed to book a feud with a beginning, middle and end, it's typically turned out quite well. Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar's Survivor Series scuffle went a bit bananas by the end but the build-up hiding underneath a limper Lesnar war with Cain Velasquez was a shot in the arm for all involved.

Even though Becky Lynch's Road To WrestleMania was covered with potholes and plotholes, 'The Man' was so incredibly over that fans went with it and remember it now for the white hot bookends instead of the sh*t text hidden inside. Charlotte Flair's done nowt of note since WrestleMania 35 save for a series in which she made the retiring Trish Stratus look like the biggest ever threat to her throne because fans cared enough about the characters to listen and respond to their words and actions.

WWE can still do this, and clearly still try, but they'll always be bound by a system that misses more than it hits, and a Chairman still utterly obsessed with the drizzling sh*ts.


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