10 Worst WWE Gimmicks Of The Ruthless Aggression Era

Back when you could see WWE creative brainstorm live on TV...


As the glorious days of the Attitude Era started to wane and the company rebranded, WWE found themselves in a unique position. Not only did they need to find a new direction with which to present themselves as a whole, but they also needed to come up with a way to shine the spotlight on more superstars than ever after acquiring talents from both ECW and WCW.

What ensued shortly after the Invasion and nWo angles was the RAW and SmackDown brand extension, which ideally, was the answer to an overcrowded locker room. Although both rosters housed a number of young talents who would go on to have legendary careers and many great matches followed as a result, the new character inventions of the Ruthless Aggression Era left much to be desired.

Some new wrestlers were introduced under questionable gimmicks that left fans scratching their heads, most notably Deacon Batista. His leader, Reverend D’Von, proved established acts were not excluded from having to play out half-cocked concepts.

Even John Cena’s Marky Mark shtick was a bit ludicrous, but it was far from the worst offender…


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