10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2017

10. Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke is pure canon fodder.

Called up to the main roster entirely too early in 2016, she has failed to show any real progression in her performances since graduating from NXT. Her promos are stunted and awkward. The ring entrances resembles a WWE 2K18 CAW spamming multiple taunts at once. She's in the roster's bottom 5% when it comes to ring work. Her character? Non-existent.

Once considered a promising-but-green developmental prospect, Brooke has become an anchor on Raw, where she continually drags everyone down around her. She had a listless babyface run at the start of the year, but reverted to villainy without explanation a few weeks later, and has been primarily used as a squash match victim throughout. Tellingly, Dana has won only three televised matches in 2017, two of which came on Main Event.

Every division needs enhancement talent, but Brooke's complete lack of seasoning suggests she isn't even cut out for this role, as she's lacking as both a bumper and seller. At her worst, Dana has been difficult to watch in 2017. She desperately needs another Performance Center stint.

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