10 Worst WWE Wrestlers Of 2020 (So Far)

Avert your eyes.

It's nearly July already.

2020 is slipping through everyone's fingers, including those of power-brokers at the helm inside the plush offices at WWE HQ, and nobody has any clue when things will be back to normal again. Some may point to the ongoing health pandemic, lack of live crowds and the general weirdness of the year thus far, but not everyone can hide behind such excuses for some of the outright awfulness fouling company programming.

For every sweeping and merited Drew McIntyre World Title win, incredibly emotional comeback from Edge and sudden retirement from The Undertaker, there's been at least a handful of stinkers polluting WWE cards. Those 'stinkers' are the worst on the roster right now - contributing next-to-nothing, they're either to blame personally or WWE creative needs a firm talking to.

Even that might count as an excuse though. The truth is that everyone on this list deserves to be here, and it's difficult to see a way back for them during 2020's second half unless something dramatic changes. It's been a looooong six months or so for this lot...

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